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An active approach, customer focus and expert advice are of paramount importance at Rotterdam Apartments. Rotterdam Apartments is a household name when it comes to the purchase and rental of upholstered and furnished living spaces. Given the diversity of our offer, we are able to find a suitable living space for everyone.

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Avarage review

Clotilde 28-04-2024
Noah was duidelijk efficiƫnt en hield zich aan zijn woord. Mijn appartement werd binnen 1 week verhuurd. Ik ben zeer tevreden over zijn kwaliteiten als verhuurmakelaar en ik beveel hem van harte aan.
Geoffroy Flamment 25-04-2024
Communications breakdown
isagani 22-04-2024
First and foremost Noah took the time to truly understand my needs and preferences. He listened attentively to my requirements and never once pressured me into making a decision hastily. Instead he patiently guided me through the rental process offering valuable insights and expert advice along the way.
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