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Het Oude Westen is a lively neighborhood in the center of Rotterdam. It has its own identity: cosy and intimate, young and cosmopolitan. The area has two important shopping streets, the West-Kruiskade and the Nieuwe Binnenweg. The ethnic composition of the neighborhood has always been diverse.

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History of Oude Westen

Half of the housing stock in Oude Westen dates from before 1945. In the 1980s, urban renewal tackled large parts of the neighborhood. In the years to come, the Oude Westen will become more diverse. Woonstad Rotterdam is carrying out various demolition, new construction and renovation projects such as the Sint Mariastraat, Bajonetstraat and the CPO Gaffelstraat. The public space and inner courtyards are points for attention, as is the filling in of vacant business premises.

The residents of Oude Westen

Het Oude Westen counts approximately 9,500 residents. The composition of the population is diverse: there are single people living there, families with children and students. Residents and visitors alike find the Oude Westen to be pleasant, multicultural, diverse and lively, with many special shops and restaurants. Many active residents with special initiatives live in Oude Westen. Good examples are the Leeszaal and the Tussentuin.

9500 ± inhabitants in Oude Westen

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The neighborhood is intersected by two lively streets: the multicultural West Kruiskade and the trendy Nieuwe Binnenweg. For special food, the most delicious biscuits, the best bread and the latest film or band, you don't have to leave your own neighborhood. If you are renting an apartment here, you have everything you need!

Accessibility of the Oude Westen
The Oude Westen district is easily accessible by public transport, with various bus and tram stops in the area. Roads are easy to reach.

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