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Rotterdam Centrum is the vibrant heart of the city known for its dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is an area characterized by modern architecture, historic buildings, shops, restaurants, nightlife, and various cultural attractions.

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The district Rotterdam Centrum consists of the following neighbourhoods:

  • Oude Westen
  • Stadsdriehoek
  • Cool
  • CS-Kwartier
  • Nieuwe Werk (Scheepvaartkwartier)
  • Dijkzigt

History of Rotterdam Centrum

Rotterdam Centrum is the oldest part of the city and has a rich history. After the devastation during World War II, Rotterdam Centrum was rebuilt into a modern center of trade, culture, and entertainment. It is now a lively neighborhood where old and new coexist.

The residents of Rotterdam Centrum

Rotterdam Centrum is a diverse neighborhood with a mix of residents. You will find families, young professionals, expats, and students. The neighborhood attracts people who want to enjoy the bustling city dynamics, modern architecture, and the rich cultural offerings of Rotterdam.

33000 ┬▒ inhabitants in Rotterdam Centrum

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Facilities in Rotterdam Centrum

Rotterdam Centrum has a wide range of amenities that make living in this neighborhood attractive. There are numerous shops, from large department stores to boutiques, and an abundance of restaurants, cafes, and nightlife venues. Additionally, there are various cultural attractions such as theaters, museums, and cinemas that create a vibrant and inspiring environment.

Accessibility of Rotterdam Centrum
Rotterdam Centrum is easily accessible by public transportation. Rotterdam Central Station is a major hub for train, tram, metro, and bus connections, making it easy to travel to other parts of the city and beyond. Additionally, there are good cycling and walking routes in the neighborhood, promoting mobility.

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