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The attractively located Nieuw Crooswijk is a relatively small district in the northwest of Kralingen-Crooswijk. Nieuw Crooswijk is a restructuring area. From a rather closed district with relatively small houses, a green city district is rising with a rich variety of new homes, businesses and facilities. A district with a perfect location.

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History of Nieuw Crooswijk

Until 1864, Crooswijk was an empty polder. At that time, private individuals started to develop the area into a residential neighborhood. Stately homes for the wealthier citizenry arose along the canals. During the last period of Rotterdam's urban renewal (1987-1995), Nieuw Crooswijk was largely refurbished. A large-scale restructuring project is now underway.

The residents of Nieuw Crooswijk

Nieuw Crooswijk currently has around 3,300 inhabitants. The neighborhood is divided into two parts, with many young people and students on the one hand, and many people of non-Western origin on the other.

3300 ± inhabitants in Nieuw Crooswijk

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Facilities in Nieuw Crooswijk

The General Cemetery and Laurentius Cemetery and Crematorium occupy a prominent place in the district. Surrounding these places there are multiple apartment complexes where you can rent an apartment. The multifunctional Schuttersveld also plays a prominent role. The Veilingweg industrial estate on the A20 motorway is also part of Nieuw Crooswijk.

Accessibility of Nieuw Crooswijk
The district of Nieuw Crooswijk is easily accessible by public transport, with various bus and tram stops in the district. Roads are easy to reach.

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