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Rotterdam Estate is a fast-growing real estate agency previously located in Kralingen, but from April 1 2021 re-located at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge. Our employees together stand for the delivery of quality, a correct and clear way of communication and personal attention.

Thanks to the success of many sales in Rotterdam, we have been able to make many people happy! Getting the right people in the right place is very important to us. We are also very actively involved with investors. Through our collaboration with Rotterdam Apartments, which focuses on the rental of homes, we have built up a very large customer base. Many homes are therefore even already sold before being placed on Funda!

All in all, we love the profession and are always looking for a challenge! So if you are interested in selling, purchasing or valuing your home, please contact us for a no-obligation and free consultation!


You can contact us for selling your apartment or house, but also for renting out.

Rotterdam Apartments is also the right place for renting out! Please contact us if you would like to receive a suitable proposal without any obligation.

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Free rental advice about the rules for renting out your home

There is a lot to consider when renting out a home. How do you determine the right price? What (screening) obligations do you have as a owner? And what else should you pay attention to?

Rotterdam Apartments is the Rotterdam rental specialist who can advise and assist you. For example, we provide free rental advice and we enter the rental process on a 'no cure no pay' basis. We negotiate sharply and ensure good guidance and administrative settlement.

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