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The Kop van Zuid is a new district in Rotterdam, situated on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas opposite the city centre. The district consists of the Wilhelmina Pier and is bordered by the Rosestraat and the Rotterdam-Dordrecht railway line on the one hand and the Hilledijk, Hillestraat and Rijnhaven on the other.

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History of Kop van Zuid

Until the mid-1990s, Kop van Zuid was a disused port area. This made it an enormous buffer between the center and South Rotterdam. With the construction of Laan op Zuid and new buildings, this course became much more natural. Thanks to the developments on Wilhelmina Pier, this part is now even seen as an extension of the city center. This makes the construction one of the most important physical developments in Rotterdam of the past decades.

The residents of Kop van Zuid

Kop van Zuid and the Entrepot area together have about 11,000 inhabitants. The income and education levels are generally relatively high, certainly in comparison with the surrounding districts. In the district live people with many different cultural backgrounds.

11000 ± inhabitants in Kop van Zuid

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Facilities in Kop van Zuid

The most important facilities, when living in Kop van Zuid, can be found in the monumental shopping and catering center 'De Vijf Werelddelen'. Rotterdam Marina is also located there. The Villa Zebra children's museum is located on Stieltjesstraat. A little further on you will find the Wall and the Children's Monument, reminders of the deportation of Jews from Rotterdam during the Second World War. In this district we also find INHolland University, the tax office and the courthouse. In addition, Laan op Zuid borders on a shopping area for daily shopping.

Accessibility Kop van Zuid
There are several tramstops and metro station Wilhelminaplein

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