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Renting in Het Lage Land

Het Lage Land is a quiet and green neighborhood located in the eastern part of Rotterdam. The neighborhood is known for its spacious layout, with plenty of green spaces and parks, and offers a diverse range of rental properties, mainly consisting of single-family homes and apartments.

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History of Het Lage Land

Het Lage Land is a neighborhood with a rich history. In the 1960s and 1970s, the neighborhood was developed as a modern residential area with ample green spaces and a focus on livability. Since then, the neighborhood has undergone various renovations and improvements to meet the needs of its residents.

The residents of Het Lage Land

Het Lage Land is a diverse neighborhood with a mix of families, young professionals, and seniors. The neighborhood has a social character and is appreciated for its safety and livability. There is active involvement of residents in the community, resulting in a close-knit community.

10700 ± inhabitants in Het Lage Land

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Facilities in Het Lage Land

Het Lage Land offers a wide range of amenities that make it attractive for renting a home. There are several shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes in the vicinity. Additionally, there are multiple schools, childcare facilities, and health centers for the residents.

Accessibility of Het Lage Land
Het Lage Land is easily accessible by both public transport and car. There are several bus and metro stops in the neighborhood, allowing for easy travel to the city center or other parts of Rotterdam. There are also good connections to the A16 and A20 highways, making it convenient to leave the city quickly.

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