We recommend the rental excluding g / w / e costs /. In that case, the tenant chooses an energy supplier himself and pays the costs to the supplier himself. This rules out differences of opinion about energy use. It is also possible that subscriptions remain for the tenant. In that case, the tenant pays an advance on the energy costs to the landlord.

When both parties have signed the purchase agreement, the buyer has three days to change his mind and to renounce the purchase of the property. This is a legal term that is not deviated from. This term applies only to the buyer. The seller only has a cooling-off period when this right is included in the purchase agreement. - The three days start after the buyer has received a copy of the purchase agreement.

A buyer / seller / hirer can have resolutive conditions recorded in the agreement. In most cases, the buyer can cancel the purchase free of charge by invoking the established conditions.
We have listed the most common conditions for you.

Reservation for receiving a financing / mortgage on the home.
This means that the agreement is terminated if no financing or mortgage is provided. Often there is a period of approximately 6 weeks after signing the agreement in which the buyer can obtain his financing.

Reservation for the constructional inspection of the house.
If the buyer has doubts about the construction condition of the house, an appeal can be made subject to the performance of a technical inspection. For example, the purchase can be canceled if repair is immediately necessary or overdue maintenance exceeds a pre-agreed amount. In that case, the buyer has the right to cancel the purchase.

We allow these and we include them in the choice. However, we do not allow distinction in origin. You do have the option to indicate whether you want to rent out your home to expats, families, singles, students, etc.

Yes of course you can. You are the owner and you decide to whom you want to rent your home.

We first of all provide a screening for tenants. Thanks to this screening, we have almost never had major conflicts between tenants and landlords. Of course, the screening does not provide 100% certainty, but it helps enormously.

Damage to inventory made by the tenant that falls outside "normal usage damage", must be repaired by the tenant himself. If the tenant fails to make a repair after sufficient opportunity, the lessor may repair the damage at the expense of the tenant.

After registering your home, a check will be carried out by one of our employees. After this, the house is often placed on the site within a day.

It is important that photos contain enough pixels. It helps to take pictures in daylight. We recommend presenting each room and taking separate photos. As the main photo on our site, we recommend starting with a photo of the front of the house. On average, sellers / landlords post seven to ten photos.

Your house can be put up for rental very quickly, often within a few days. Your house will be placed with the corresponding presentation. Do you wish to make a change after placing your house? Then we adjust the information to your wishes.

The value of your home will be announced after a valuation. The market value of your home is determined on the basis of reference buildings and the living conditions.

For sure! If you want to offer your house for sale / rental, you can register your home by filling in our contact form. We will contact you without any obligation to inquire about the possibilities for renting / renting / selling / buying.

Promoting your house increases the sales opportunities. You will receive the sign from us to attract the attention of potential buyers. About 10% of the house seekers find their dream house as a result of a for sale sign in the garden or at the window. If your house has a garden on the side of the road, we recommend placing a garden sign. If possible, it is preferable to place it at right angles to the road. Is your garden not on the road or do you not have a garden? Then we have a window sign for you. It is best to place this in a conspicuous place. Preferably on the top floor of your house.

It is possible to have your house sold in a very short time. Sometimes your house will be sold within a week, or even within a few days.

For sure. We do not have a waiting list. All searches are processed without any minimum sign-up time. We help you find a place to live.

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