The real estate agency

Our story

Rotterdam Apartments is a professional brokerage for buyers and sellers and tenants and landlords of real estate in the Rotterdam Rijnmond region.

The brokerage consists of a close-knit group of talented estate agents, led by company founder Nathalie de Widt. With hundreds of transactions [91% closing rate], the company closes many deals every year. Located at the foot of the Erasmus Bridge with experience and knowledge of the market, Rotterdam Apartments is the leading brokerage in Rotterdam.

We know that everything and everyone has potential. But to see what is hidden or undiscovered in a person or property, we have to look differently. And to exploit that potential, something more is needed.

At Rotterdam Apartments, we rely on creativity, camaraderie, perseverance and optimism. We have a healthy disdain for the status quo and, above all, we are relentless in pursuing what is possible.

Our values

Strengthening together

We support each other at our lows and never let our highs go to our heads. If one of us falls behind, we all fall behind. And if one of us succeeds, we ALL succeed.

Be determined

Not only are we tireless in the pursuit of our goals, we are also constantly in pursuit of knowledge, never sacrificing personal growth for professional growth.

Dislocate for the good

We are best at what we do because we never lose sight of those around us. Our voice is louder than the rest and we disrupt to make a positive, lasting impact.

Create for tomorrow

We are focused on the future and always looking ahead to bring the future to today.

Our founder

With many years of experience, Nathalie de Widt is a specialist in the field, something every professional strives for. It gives satisfaction when colleagues come to you to solve a specific issue. Besides her work in brokerage, Nathalie is an entrepreneur and mother of 3 children.

Our team
Nathalie Owner
Alexander Manager
Noah Rental agent
Monique Rental agent
Karuna Rental agent
Naomi All-round employee
Dominik All-round employee
Kezje Rental agent
Lukas All-round employee
Peter Financial department
Helen Property manager
Amir Maintenance
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