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Rotterdam Apartments is your reliable partner for finding a place to live in the province of Zuid-Holland. We will bring tenants and landlords together.

Rotterdam Apartments has a reputation in Rotterdam, is specialized in rentals, the financial and service-oriented management of your property, which saves time (and money). In addition we support with a professional sales team, Rotterdam Estate.

Selling your property, support the purchase process and we will assist you in finding your dream home.

Overall, for expert advice and personal commitment you will feel more then at home with Rotterdam Apartments.

Within the team everybody has his or her own specialty and there is room for a personal touch. All team members feel very strongly about the expertise, a critical approach towards ones selves, the field of knowledge and personal involvement.

Our working hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours.

Our employees will be glad to help you!

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Rotterdam Apartments is the Rental Agent of the Year 2017

Amersfoort,  9 November 2017 - Rotterdam Apartments can call itself Rental Agent of the Year 2017. The office, specialising in services to expats, won the public award with strong figures. During a blistering finale of the Rental Agent of the Year, organiser ‘Vastgoed’ presented the national and provincial awards, which was conducted from more than 7,000 residential consumers’ votes.

The rental brokerage is a unique profession; the regulations are complex and the service provision to a landlord is long term. In addition, the supply of rental housing, especially in the middle segment and larger cities, is far too small. However, due to the company’s strategy, Rotterdam Apartments of real estate entrepreneur Nathalie de Widt-Martens-Dalebout is less troubled by the latter development. The office specialises in service to expats, a target group that often has a larger than average budget for rental accommodation. In addition to expats, the office serves owners of real estate and tenants from their own country and city.

High service level

With expats and landlords, the expected service level is extremely high. The working professionals must be able to settle in quickly and comfortably without any issues, while the landlords also demand complete unburdening and trust. Those who manage to serve these target groups successfully develop more intimate relationships with their clients than brokers in many other sectors. That probably explains the conviction with which this team, consisting of five ladies and three gentlemen, managed to win the prize.

Screening is of great importance

Rotterdam Apartments won the battle against other nominees, the office received the award presented by  Jasper de Groot. One of the biggest challenges for a rental company is that in this tight market many applications are often received on a property, however they can include people who can cause many problems for your client in the area of finance or crime. Screening is of great importance, which is probably even more true for expats who often only meet the broker when they come to collect the keys to the property.

No 'We only look after ourselves'

This is the sixth time that ‘Vastgoed’ is organising this election. "This is not a 'We only look after ourselves’ competition," says editor-in-chief Geesje Rietveld. "We are not an interest group or broker club, but we want to stimulate brokers to help their customers better. We also do not shy away from this for a critique towards our own target group." During the strict selection process of choosing the potential nominees, several rental companies did not qualify, due to inadequate behaviour, not meeting the conditions. "The winner of this competition won their customers and deserves to receive positive attention, to lead and inspire the entire brokerage community."